Week 19 Transactions

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Transactions - Week 19

Week 19 Transaction Order
01. Virginia Hat Lineup
02. Las Vegas Aces
03. Dabigu
04. Crowleys Ridge Roosters
05. Cambridge Crunch
06. Reading Railroaders
07. Colorado Wookiees
08. Greendale Broken Arrows
09. Pasadena Marauding Gods
10. Washington Beltways
11. Carolina Thunderdogs


Cambridge Crunch

Carolina Thunderdogs
Reserve     TAPIA,R         COL OF
Sign        MOTTER,T        COL OF

Waive       KNEHR,R         SDP P
Activate    COUSINS,J       MIL P

Waive       LEONE,D         SFG P
Activate    SIMS,L          CIN P

Colorado Wookiees
Reserve     BAEZ,J          NYM SS
Move        TURNER,T        LAD MI -> SS
Move        FRAZIER,A       SDP OF -> MI
Move        SMITH,P         ARZ UT -> OF
Claim       PUJOLS,A        LAD UT

Reserve     CUETO,J         SFG P
Sign        WICK,R          CHI P

Crowley's Ridge Roosters
Reserve     SCHROCK,M       CIN UT
Activate    LASTELLA,T      SFG UT

Reserve     GONZALEZ,V      LAD P
Activate    KNEBEL,C        LAD P

Waive       HOFFMAN,J       CIN P (active 3 weeks)


Greendale Broken Arrows
Reserve     DUGGAR,S        SFG OF
Sign        PILLAR,K        NYM OF

Reserve     CALHOUN,K       ARZ OF
Move        TAYLOR,C        LAD 2B -> OF
Move        BOTE,D          CHI 3B -> 2B
Activate    LONGORIA,E      SFG 3B

Las Vegas Aces
Reserve     BETTS,M         LAD OF
Activate    ROJAS,J         ARZ OF

Waive       CASTRO,R        PIT UT
Activate    PETERSON,J      MIL UT

Waive       BRUBAKER,JT     PIT P
Activate    DIAZ,M          SDG P

Pasadena Marauding Gods
Waive       DUFFY,M         CHI 2B (active 3 weeks)

Reserve     DARVISH,Y       SDP P
Activate    HUDSON,D        SDP P

Reserve     ROSS,J          ATL P
Sign        JACKSON,L       ATL P

Reading Railroaders
Waive       JOE,C           COL OF (active 3 weeks)

Waive       DIAZ,I          MIA 2B (active 3 weeks)

Waive       GOMBER,A        COL P
Activate    HADER,J         MIL P

Virginia Hat Lineup
Waive       NIDO,T          NYM C
Activate    DARNAUD,T       ATL C

Reserve     ALZOLAY,A       CHI P
Activate    HERNANDEZ,E     MIA P

Reserve     KELLY,M         ARZ P
Sign        GILBERT,T       ARZ P

Reserve     KUHL,C          PIT P
Sign        FREELAND,K      COL P

Washington Beltways
Waive       PARRA,G         WAS OF
Move        SCHWINDEL,F     CHI UT -> OF
Activate    TATIS,F         SDP UT

Reserve     POMERANZ,D      SDP P
Activate    FLAHERTY,J      STL P

Reserve     KIM,K           STL P
Sign        HAPP,JA         STL P

Waiver Wire
CASTRO,R        PIT 10
DIAZ,I          MIA 10
DUFFY,M         CHI 10
JOE,C           COL 10
NIDO,T          NYM 10
PARRA,G         WAS 10

GOMBER,A        COL 10
HOFFMAN,J       CIN 10
KNEHR,R         SDP 10
LEONE,D         SFG 10

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