Week 19 Transactions

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Transactions - Week 19

Week 19 Transaction Order
01. Carolina Thunderdogs
02. Cambridge Crunch
03. Pasadena Marauding Gods
04. Wichita Widebodies
05. Virginia Hat Lineup
06. Crowleys Ridge Roosters
07. Greendale Broken Arrows
08. Dabigu 
09. Finger Lake Harriers
10. Washington Beltways
11. Colorado Wookiees

Dabigu get: SCHERZER,M WAS P $38b, LESTER,J CHI $25b & GONZALEZ,C COL OF $30b
Widebodies get: GIOLITO,L WAS P (minors), ESPINOSA,D WAS 2B $5a, TAYLOR,M WAS OF $9b, 

Cambridge Crunch

Carolina Thunderdogs
Reserve     HOLLIDAY,M      STL OF
Activate    SCHEBLER,S      CIN OF

Reserve     NORRIS,B        LAD P
Sign        PHELPS,D        MIA P

Colorado Wookiees

Crowley's Ridge Roosters
Reserve     PUIG,Y          LAD OF
Activate    PAULSEN,B       COL OF

Reserve     STROP,P         CHI P
Activate    HAMMEL,J        CHI P

Waive       FELIZ,N         PIT P
Activate    GREINKE,Z       ARZ P

Move        KENDRICK,H      LAD OF -> 3B
Activate    GONZALEZ,C      COL OF

Move        MYERS,W         SDP OF -> CI
Activate    PARRA,G         COL OF

Reserve     GUERRA,J        MIL P
Activate    SCHERZER,M      WAS P

Activate    LESTER,J        CHI P

Finger Lake Harriers
Reserve     ADAMS,M         STL 1B
Move        MURPHY,D        WAS 2B -> 1B
Move        HARRISON,J      PIT OF -> 2B
Sign        ROBINSON,C      WAS OF

Reserve     CONFORTO,M      NYM UT
Sign        RIVERA,TJ       NYM UT

Reserve     CONLEY,A        MIA P
Sign        WEAVER,L        STL P (denied, already signed)
Promote     REYES,A         STL P

Greendale Broken Arrows

Pasadena Marauding Gods
Reserve     VANSLYKE,S      LAD OF
Activate    JAY,J           SDP OF (denied, on DL)
Sign        DEAZA,A         NYM OF

Reserve     VERRETT,L       NYM P
Sign        CORBIN,P        ARZ P

Reserve     PAPELBON,J      WAS P
Sign        NOVA,I          PIT P

Virginia Hat Lineup
Waive       BLANCO,G        SFG OF (charged)
Sign        SEGEDIN,R       LAD OF  

Waive       PEAVY,J         SFG P (charged)
Sign        WEAVER,L        STL P

Washington Beltways

Wichita Widebodies
Move        DIETRICH,D      MIA 3B -> OF
Activate    ESPINOSA,D      WAS 3B

Waive       BECKHAM,J       ATL 2B
Activate    GARCIA,G        STL 2B

Sign        PHELPS,D        MIA P (denied, already signed)
Sign        VOGELSONG,R     PIT P

Activate    ESTEVEZ,C       COL P 

Reserve     WACHA,M         STL P
Sign        PERALTA,W       MIL P

Demote      GIOLITO,L       WAS P (to minors)

Waiver Wire
BECKHAM,J       ATL 10
BLANCO,G        SFG 13

FELIZ,N         PIT 10
PEAVY,J         SFG 10

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