Week 14 Transactions

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Transactions - Week 14

Week 14 Transaction Order
01. Greendale Broken Arrows
02. Washington Beltways
03. Crowleys Ridge Roosters
04. Dabigu 
05. Pasadena Marauding Gods
06. Down East Wood Ducks
07. Virginia Hat Lineup
08. Carolina Thunderdogs
09. Finger Lake Harriers
10. Cambridge Crunch
11. Colorado Wookiees

Beltways get: GALVIS,F PHI MI $1b, BAUTISTA,R WAS OF (minors), & 2018 1st round ML pick.
Colorado get: MARTE,S PIT OF $35g, ZOBRIST,B CHI MI $18a & 2018 2nd round ML pick.

Ducks get: SLATER,A SFG OF $10a.
Colorado get: HEYWARD,J CHI OF $17a.

Carolina get: Colorado 2018 2nd round minor league draft pick.
Colorado get: Carolina 2017 2nd round minor league draft pick.

Harriers get: Dabigu 2018 2nd round minor league draft pick.
Dabigu get: Harriers 2017 2nd round minor league draft pick.

Greendale get: PIRELA,J SDP 2B $10a & Virginia 2017 1st round minor league draft pick.
Virginia get: FOWLER,D STL OF $19g & Greendale 2017 2nd round minor league draft pick.

Cambridge Crunch

Carolina Thunderdogs
Waive       HANIGAN,R       COL C
Move        CONTRERES,W     CHI OF -> C
Activate    POLLOCK,AJ      ARZ OF

Reserve     VISCAINO,A      ATL P
Activate    WHEELER,Z       NYM P

Colorado Wookiees
Activate    ZOBRIST,B       CHI MI

Activate    HEYWARD,J       CHI OF

Reserve     MARTE,S         PIT OF

Waive       CARANTINI,V     CHI UT (charged)
Sign        GOMEZ,M         SFG UT

Crowley's Ridge Roosters
Reserve     TAYLOR,M        WAS OF
Activate    PARRA,G         COL OF

Reserve     DESMOND,I       COL 1B
Move        OSUNA,J         PIT CI -> 1B
Move        HWANG,J         PIT UT -> CI
Claim       JAY,J           CHI UT

Down East Wood Ducks
Reserve     SLATER,A        SFG OF

Reserve     DARNAUD,C       SDP OF
Sign        HEISEY,C        WAS OF

Reserve     MESOROCO,D      CIN C
Activate    CERVELLI,F      PIT C

Waive       RABURN,R        WAS OF
Activate    SCHWARBER,K     CHI OF

Reserve     ANDERSON,C      MIL P
Activate    GRAY,J          COL P

Finger Lake Harriers
Reserve     TAUCHMAN,M      COL OF
Activate    CONFORTO,M      NYM OF

Greendale Broken Arrows
Waive       PETERSON,J      ATL OF
Activate    PIRELA,J        SDP OF

Waive       AMARISTA,A      COL SS
Move        MARTE,K         ARZ UT -> SS
Activate    GONZALEZ,C      COL UT

Pasadena Marauding Gods
Release     RODRIGUEZ,H     SDP P (from minors)

Reserve     DIAZ,E          LAD C
Claim       RUPP,C          PHI C

Reserve     SANTANA,D       ATL UT
Sign        ASUAJE,C        SDP UT

Virginia Hat Lineup
Waive       VALAIKA,C       COL SS
Move        GYORKO,J        STL 1B -> SS
Activate    FREEMAN,F       ATL 1B

Move        HARRISON,J      PIT OF -> 2B
Activate    FOWLER,D        STL OF

Washington Beltways
Release     SIERRA,M        STL OF (from minors)

Demote      BAUTISTA,R      WAS OF

Reserve     MARTINEZ,J      STL OF
Move        WILLIAMS,N      PHI UT -> OF
Promote     WINKER,J        CIN UT

Reserve     SOGARD,E        MIL SS
Move        PEREZ,H         MIL CI -> SS
Sign        VOIT,L          STL CI

Waive       DIETRICH,D      MIA 2B
Move        HAPP,I          CHI OF -> 2B
Move        WINKER,J        CIN UT -> OF
Move        GALVIS,F        PHI UT

Reserve     LACKEY,J        STL P
Sign        SUTER,B         MIL P

Reserve     LIVELY,B        PHI P
Sign        ALBERS,M        WAS P

Waiver Wire
HANIGAN,R       COL 10
RABURN,R        WAS 10
VALAIKA,C       COL 10

2017 Waiver Log