Week 10 Transactions

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Transactions - Week 10

Week 10 Transaction Order
01. Greendale Broken Arrows
02. Crowleys Ridge Roosters
03. Washington Beltways
04. Virginia Hat Lineup
05. Down East Wood Ducks
06. Dabigu 
07. Pasadena Marauding Gods
08. Carolina Thunderdogs
09. Finger Lake Harriers
10. Cambridge Crunch
11. Colorado Wookiees


Cambridge Crunch

Carolina Thunderdogs
Reserve     CALIXTE,O       SFG MI
Move        DRURY,B         ARZ OF -> MI
Sign        SANTANA,D       ATL OF

Reserve     GLOVER,K        WAS P
Sign        LUGO,S          NYM P

Reserve     GLASNOW,T       PIT P
Sign        ADLEMAN,T       CIN P

Colorado Wookiees
Release     HANSON,A        PIT MI (claimed by White Sox)

Reserve     BOUR,J          MIA CI
Claim       RUIZ,R          ATL CI

Waive       FUENTES,R       ARZ OF
Promote     BRINSON,L       MIL OF

Waive       STRICKLAND,H    SFG P (charged)
Sign        NICASIO,J       PIT P

Crowley's Ridge Roosters
Reserve     PARRA,G         COL CI
Claim       GENNETT,S       CIN CI

Reserve     WERTH,J         WAS OF
Sign        MOORE,T         MIA OF

Reserve     COLON,B         ATL P
Sign        NESHEK,P        PHI P

Waive       GOODWIN,B       WAS OF
Move        KENDRICKS,H     PHI 2B -> OF
Move        RIDDLE,J        MIA UT -> 2B
Activate    TURNER,J        LAD UT

Waive       HERNANDEZ,K     LAD OF
Activate    CESPEDES,Y      NYM OF

Waive       UTLEY,C         LAD MI
Claim       DIETRICH,D      MIA MI

Waive       RONDON,H        CHI P (charged)
Sign        HADER,J         MIL P

Down East Wood Ducks

Finger Lake Harriers
Reserve     HENDRICK,K      CHI P
Sign        DICKEY,RA       ATL P

Waive       PERALTA,W       CIN P
Claim       SENZATELA,A     COL P

Waive       VIZCAINO,A      ATL P
Activate    ROSS,J          WAS P

Greendale Broken Arrows
Reserve     VILLAR,J        MIL 3B
Move        DEJONG,P        STL UT -> 3B
Activate    PENCE,H         SFG UT

Waive       CECIL,B         STL P
Activate    MATZ,S          NYM P

Pasadena Marauding Gods
Waive       SUZUKI,I        MIA UT
Activate    DREW,S          WAS UT

Waive       TORRES,J        SDP P
Activate    NEWCOMB,S       ATL P

Virginia Hat Lineup
Reserve     TOMAS,Y         ARZ OF
Move        TURNER,T        WAS 2B -> OF
Sign        PIRELA,J        SDP 2B

Washington Beltways

Waiver Wire
FUENTES,R       ARZ 10
GOODWIN,B       WAS 10
SUZUKI,I        MIA  1
UTLEY,C         LAD 10

CECIL,B         STL 10
PERALTA,W       CIN 10
RONDON,H        CHI  3
TORRES,J        SDP 10

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