Week 0 Transactions

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Transactions - Week 0

Week 0 Transaction Order

Roster Fixes
01. Virginia Hat Lineup
02. Dabigu
02. Greendale Broken Arrows
04. Carolina Thunderdogs

01. Virginia Hat Lineup
02. Dabigu
03. Pasadena Marauding Gods
04. Cambridge Crunch
05. Crowleys Ridge Roosters
06. Greendale Broken Arrows
07. Finger Lake Harriers
08. Wichita Widebodies
09. Washington Beltways
10. Colorado Wookiees
11. Carolina Thunderdogs

Cambridge Crunch

Carolina Thunderdogs
Release     PARKER,J        SFG OF (from minors)

Release     REYES,J         COL MI
Sign        MERCER,J        PIT MI (ROSTER FIX)

Colorado Wookiees
Reserve     POLLOCK,AJ      ARZ OF
Sign        ROBINSON,C      WAS OF

Reserve     KNEBEL,C        MIL P
Sign        OH,S            STL P

Crowley's Ridge Roosters
Release     ALFARO,J        PHI C (from minors)

Reserve     PERALTA,J       STL SS
Promote     STORY,T         COL SS

Reserve     MOTTE,J         COL P
Sign        REA,C           SDP P

Release     BAILEY,A        PHI P
Sign        HESTON,C        SFG P (ROSTER FIX)

Finger Lake Harriers

Greendale Broken Arrows

Reserve     KANG,JH         PIT 3B
Sign        GOSSELIN,P      ARZ 3B

Reserve     ASCHE,C         PHI OF
Sign        SUZUKI,I        MIA OF

Pasadena Marauding Gods
Reserve     RYU,H           LAD P
Sign        ANDERSON,B      LAD P

Reserve     HUGHES,J        PIT P
Sign        BAEZ,P          LAD P

Virginia Hat Lineup
Release     HOFFMAN,J       COL P (from minors)

Sign        STEWART,C       PIT C (ROSTER FIX)

Release     BOURN,M         ATL OF 
Move        TOMAS,Y         ARZ OF

Reserve     EITHER,A        LAD OF
Sign        FRANCOEUR,J     ATL OF

Washington Beltways
Reserve     GUERRERO,A      LAD CI
Move        MOSS,B          STL OF -> CI
Move        FLORES,R        MIL UT -> OF
Sign        HUNTER,C        PHI UT

Reserve     WHEELER,Z       NYM P
Sign        WOOD,T          CHI P

Wichita Widebodies