2017: Auction Rules

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The rules for live auction
Due to the fact that the auction will occur some time prior to the Opening Day 
and at that time ML teams still have not made decisions concerning demotions, 
DL, etc., the following rules will be in effect.

1. Any player currently on NIL active roster that still has ROY eligibility, 
   may be demoted to the NIL minor league roster ignoring the 3 player limit 
   for the farm system. That player will not count toward the 23 player roster 
   limit and his salary will not count toward the $260 limit.

   a. In the event the demoted player makes Opening Day active roster, that 
      player must be promoted in Week 0 transactions and his salary and contract 
      will be dependent on what it would have been had he been kept on the frozen 
      roster all along or sufficient players can be droped from the farm system 
      to adhere to the 3 player limit.

   b. If the demoted player does not make the Opening Day active roster, then 
      the three player limit will be enforced at Week 0 transactions. It is 
      up to the owner of the team to decide which player(s) will be removed 
      from the farm, if any.  In the event the owner does not create a legal
      farm system with Week 0 transactions, the commissioner will remove 
      sufficient players to adhere to the three player limit starting with the 
      player currently playing at the lowest level of baseball.

2. All players on the Yahoo league website are eligible to be drafted.

3. At the end of the draft day, all teams must have 23 players on their roster 
   with a combined salary not exceeding $260.

4. Any player drafted that subsequently starts the season on DL can be reserved 
   starting with Week 0 transactions provided that player played at least 1 game 
   at ML level the previous year. Otherwise, he will be treated as if he did not 
   make Opening Day roster with all other ramifications.

5. Any player drafted that at the deadline for Week 1 transactions did not make 
   the Opening Day roster must be released. The player cannot be reserved, traded,
   or demoted. If the player is not released by the team, the commissioner will 
   release the player and compensation will not be awarded until the next transaction 
   week, Week 1.   

6. Any drafted or frozen player that is traded to AL prior to Opening Day will 
   adhere to the following rules:

   a. If the player is traded prior to the Supplemental Round, the team has the 
      option of picking up the incoming player per regular NIL trade rules.  
      If the pick up causes a position imbalance, then the NIL team must drop a 
      player that was drafted during current year's draft to adhere to position 
      eligibility. The salary of the dropped player will be refunded 100% and 
      the team must participate in the Supplemental Round (see below) to fill in 
      the open position. If the team chooses not to pick up the incoming player, 
      the player traded away to AL can be dropped form the roster and the salary 
      will be refunded 100%.  The team must then participate in the Supplemental 
      Round to fill the open position.

   b. If the player is traded after the Supplemental Round, but prior to Opening 
      Day, the team has the option of picking up the incoming player per regular 
      NIL trade rules.  Any position imbalance must be corrected in Week 0 
      transactions.  Failure to correct the imbalance will invalidate the pick
      up. The player traded away will still be removed from the NIL roster.

7. Any player kept on frozen roster that does not make Opening Day roster will 
   be delt with during Week 1 transactions.

8. No drafted player or player kept on frozen roster can be dropped after the 
   draft or traded until Week 0 transactions. A drafted player can be dropped 
   only if he does not make Opening Day roster (per rules above).

9. All other NIL rules will be followed per  NIL constitution. Position eligbility
   will be followed by Yahoo's player position assignments.

10. Week 0 Transactions will be due on Sunday, April 2nd 5PM EST.