2009: Draft Calendar (Updated!)

« BACK Posted: 03/23/2009
- Frozen rosters are due Friday, April 3 and the 5 rounds will be sent
 out by Saturday (yes, that's prior to the actual Opening Day)
- We will do nothing the weekend of April 11 & 12
- Round 5 will be due by 2 PM and legal rosters will be due by 8 PM on
 Monday, April 13 (all times EST)
- Supplemental picks are due by 2 PM and DL moves by 8 PM on Tuesday, 
April 14

  03/29: league fee - see file
  04/03: Previous year's rosters and ML Winter transactions will be available
	 on www.nilbaseball.com - it's your responsibility to determine if you
	 are owed (and want) any compensation for players traded to AL. 
	 Compensation picks are due along with frozen rosters. Frozen rosters
	 are due along with any contract signings by 5:00 PM, EST. Please cut 
	 out your team, delete all players being dropped, and to the right of
	 the contract label, indicate what is the player's new contract if he 
	 was under 'b' contract the previous season.  Player under 'a' (if 
	 kept) can be ignored since he automatically goes to 'b' and 'c' 
	 through 'g' players can be ignored since they automatically go to next
	 UMCP Screwups - emagene@erols.com - Gene Schwartzman - 5
	 FITZGERALD,M  MON  CI 198  40   4  28   4  0.202  4 b => (1+O) (or g)
	 RHODES,K      HOU  OF 136  29   1  12   2  0.213 11 a
  04/04: The frozen rosters are released to all teams along with the 5 
	 lists of draft rounds.  
  04/06: Round 1 bids are due and the results are sent out.  When bidding on
         players, it is easiest, if the bid is put to the RIGHT of the
         player's position (if any).  If the team is not bidding on any
	 player in any one of the rounds, then a message stating that should 
	 be sent to the Commissioner.  Otherwise, it is assumed that the team
	 is having computer problems and the draft gets delayed.  Also, please
	 let the Commissioner know if somebody is omitted from any of the lists.
  04/07: Round 2 bids are due and the results are sent out.
  04/08: Round 3 bids are due and the results are sent out.
  04/09: Round 4 bids are due and the results are sent out.
  04/10: Last chance for teams to release any player(s) not wanted for 90%
         refund to be included in round 5.
  04/13: All players that were originally scheduled for Round 5 along with any
         released players and players omitted from original draft list are
         bid on and the results are sent out.
  04/13: Teams submit legal rosters by position and release any other players
         not wanted and everybody's rosters along with the info for
         supplemental round are sent out.
  04/14: Lists for supplemental draft are received, players are assigned,
         results are sent out and.... PLAY BALL!!!!
  04/14: Reserve lists for players on DL/minors due.
         If any of the team's players went on DL or were sent to minors
         between the start of the draft and the current day, the team is
         allowed to replace them under the following provisions.  All players
         that have been called up to the majors since opening day are
         eligible.  If a player replaced became inactive *BEFORE* Opening Day,
         then the replacement player's stats will be retroactive to Opening
         Day.  If the player became inactive between Opening Day and first
         Saturday after Opening Day, 5 PM EST, then replacement stats will start
         counting only from that Sunday's game.  If he became inactive after
         that, then he will be handled in the following week's transactions.